As the brutally cold weather continues to plague most of the country, summer seems like a far off dream. Yet if you’re a college student hoping to snag a summer internship, the reality is you should already have started your search.

Before you go into panic-mode, there are some easy ways you can get on track with your internship quest. Here are some tips:

1. Create or update your resume: Depending on what year you are in school, you may or may not have written your first resume. But it’s important to have one ready to go before you start applying, so you’re not scrambling to pull something together last minute. Check out the following articles for tips on writing a stellar resume: Don’t have much experience? Here’s how to boost your resume, 10 things not to include when writing a resume, INFOGRAPHIC: Matching your resume to the job you want.

2. Tap into all resources: Check out general and niche job boards, networking sites and company career sites. Investigate opportunities with your college career center. Get connected with staffing firms. Network with family and friends. These are all tools that can help you get your foot in the door.

3. Don’t be afraid to take risks: You may be eyeing a dream internship but don’t believe you have what it takes. The thing is, you won’t know unless you try, and you don’t want to miss out on something that could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Take for instance PepsiCo’s Meeting of the Minds contest, which gives college students the chance to win a summer internship and meet one-on-one with a PepsiCo thought leader.

“Meeting of the Minds is a fantastic way for U.S. college students to jump-start their professional journey by winning an eight-week internship with PepsiCo,” says Chris Hoyt, director of Global Talent Engagement & Marketing at PepsiCo. “The recipient of the internship will work in our soon-to-be-open New York City Content Studio and directly with Frank Cooper III, PepsiCo CMO of global consumer engagement.”

To enter, you need to create a short video pitching an innovative plan that links a PepsiCo brand to emerging musicians. “We’re looking for students that are creative, passionate and that can both put a plan together and execute that plan successfully. That’s why we’re excited to use Meeting of the Minds as a way to issue the challenge of connecting any or all of our consumer brands to an up-and-coming musician,” Hoyt says.

Meeting of the Minds gives creative students like you an opportunity to win an experience that will help you, regardless of where your future career path may lead, Hoyt says. “Any student with even only a camera phone and any interest in communications, marketing or creating and delivering video content should give this challenge some serious consideration.”

PepsiCo is taking nominations now through March 3, so don’t miss your chance to score a summer internship that could change the course of your life. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO ENTER.


Finding the right balance between work and family can be difficult – which is why some small business owners opt to combine the two.

Starting a family business can bring the family closer together and provide parents with the opportunity to instill quality values in their children, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without it’s own complications.

Fox’s animated sitcom “Bob’s Burgers” showcases the benefits and drawbacks inherent in running a family business.

Your employees know how much the business means to you.

So they’re committed to work.

Still, performance reviews can be a little awkward.

Keeping work life and home life separate can be challenging.

Very challenging.

It may drive you a little crazy.

But who better to help you keep perspective?

And who do you trust more than your family?

They’re like little versions of you!

And in the end, it brings you all closer together.


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